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DateBandWebsiteAdditional Notes
5/10/13Area IVI -- part 1
Area IVI -- part 2
http://www.facebook.com/AreaIVIOvernight Sensations
5/3/13Tauk -- part 1
Tauk -- part 2
http://www.facebook.com/taukbandOvernight Sensations
4/5/13Michael Steinbruck & Lisanne Finston -- part 1
Michael Steinbruck & Lisanne Finston -- part 2
http://www.facebook.com/hubcitymusicfestivalHub City Music Festival, April 10-13 at venues throughout downtown New Brunswick, NJ
3/29/13The Stuntcocks & Bionic Rhodahttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Bionic-Rhoda/113182320488
Overnight Sensations
3/15/13Michaela McClainhttp://www.facebook.com/michaela.mcclain.musicOvernight Sensations
3/8/13Dinosaur Eyelids -- Part 1
Dinosaur Eyelids -- Part 2
http://dinosaureyelids.com/Overnight Sensations
2/22/13Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun & Gary Kaplan
Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun -- Performance
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Strange-Things-Done-In-The-Midnight-Sun/10865027773Overnight Sensations
2/15/13Montereyhttp://www.facebook.com/MontereyMusicNJOvernight Sensations
2/1/13Dan Ex Machina -- Interview
Dan Ex Machina -- Performance
http://www.facebook.com/danexmachinaOvernight Sensations
1/25/13The Way Out -- Performance
The Way Out -- Interview
http://www.facebook.com/bandthewayoutOvernight Sensations
1/18/13No Third Lane -- Performance
No Third Lane -- Interview
http://www.facebook.com/nothirdlaneOvernight Sensations
1/4/13The Break Evens -- Performance
The Break Evens -- Interview
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Break-Evens/48336411729Overnight Sensations
12/28/12Alexandra Inglis -- Part 1
Alexandra Inglis -- Part 2
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexandra-Inglis/184795871597638Overnight Sensations
12/7/12Strange Seasons -- Interview
Strange Seasons -- Performance
http://www.facebook.com/strangeseasonsOvernight Sensations
11/30/12St. James and the Apostles phone-in -- Part 1
St. James and the Apostles phone-in -- Part 2
http://www.facebook.com/stjamestheapostlesOvernight Sensations
11/23/12Priyanka -- part 1
Priyanka -- part 2
Overnight Sensations
11/16/12Bern and the Brights
Bern and the Brights - interview
http://www.bernandthebrights.comOvernight Sensations
9/28/12Arlan Feiles -- Hour 1
Arlan Feiles -- Hour 2
http://www.arlanfeiles.com/Overnight Sensations
9/21/12Julian Fulton & the Zombie Gospelhttp://julianfulton.com/Overnight Sensations
9/21/12Shannon Perezhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Hope-You-Die/172998089408230Overnight Sensations
9/7/12MAKAR -- Hour 1
MAKAR -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/MAKARROCKSOvernight Sensations
8/31/12Double Breasted
45 min pregame
http://www.doublebreastedmusic.comOvernight Sensations
8/10/12Amber Blues -- part 1
Amber Blues -- part 2
http://www.amberblues.comOvernight Sensations
7/13/12Jana Peri -- Hour 1
Jana Peri -- Hour 2
http://www.janaperi.comOvernight Sensations
5/4/12New Brunswick's Hottest Stomach -- Hour 1
New Brunswick's Hottest Stomach -- Hour 2
Zero For Conduct CD release w/ Blithe (doll) and Secret Photos, Friday May 11 at the George St. Playhouse
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zanasis/179076148781590Overnight Sensations
4/13/12Omega Sound Fix Festival -- Hour 1
Omega Sound Fix Festival -- Hour 2
http://www.omegasoundfix.com/Omega Sound Fix II, April 20 & 21, 2012 at the Alpha Art Gallery, New Brunswick
4/6/12Burning Red Sun
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Burning-Red-Sun/201766586506305Overnight Sensations
3/16/12Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Strange-Things-Done-In-The-Midnight-Sun/10865027773Overnight Sensations
2/3/12Brick Mower
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/brickmowerOvernight Sensations
1/20/12The Obvious
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/TheObviousBandHabitat For Rock Humanity
1/13/12Sunburst Carrier -- Hour 1
Sunburst Carrier -- Hour 2
Sunburst Carrier -- Final minutes
http://www.sunburstcarrier.comOvernight Sensations
12/9//11Michael Cicalese -- Hour 1
Michael Cicalese -- Hour 2
http://mikechick.bandcamp.com/Overnight Sensations
11/11/11Adam Streicher & the Amphetamineshttp://www.adamstreicher.comOvernight Sensations
11/4/11Root Glenhttp://www.rootglen.comOvernight Sensations
11/4/11Astronaut Joneshttp://www.astronautjonesnj.comOvernight Sensations
10/7/11Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/TFTHCOvernight Sensations
9/30/11Hello Radio -- Hour 1
Hello Radio -- Hour 2
www.helloradio.netOvernight Sensations
9/23/11Swamp Eddy -- Hour 1
Swamp Eddy -- Hour 2
www.myspace.com/swampeddyOvernight Sensations
9/16/11Gary Kaplan
Hour 2
www.thefletchersmusic.comRaritan River Festival 9/18
9/9/11James Dean's Wallet / Youth League & the Spies /
Brendon / Puppy Grease

hour 1 pregame
Ex-Brighton Bar Night on Overnight Sensations
9/2/11Wet Wolf
hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wet-Wolf/211392615561831Nobody in this band is Lady Gaga, but we are accepting donations to research this to be sure
hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/ballroombandOvernight Sensations
8/5/11Park Apehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Park-Ape/230963697184Overnight Sensations
8/5/11Spiral Jettyhttp://www.myspace.com/spiraljettyOvernight Sensations
7/22/11Pat Veil & Lonnnie -- Hour 1
Pat Veil & Lonnnie -- Hour 2
Overnight Sensations
7/8/11Only Living Boy -- Hour 1
Only Living Boy -- Hour 2
http://www.onlylivingboy.comFirst 5 minutes of hour 2 are currently missing...It's like the Nixon tapes but without the hotel break-in...sorry!
6/17/11Bern & the Brights -- Hour 1
Bern & the Brights -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/bernandthebrightsOvernight Sensations
6/3/11Todd McCollough (the Holy Goats) & Gary Kaplan (the Fletchers) -- Hour 1
Todd McCollough (the Holy Goats) & Gary Kaplan (the Fletchers) -- Hour 2
Overnight Sensations
5/27/11Thomas Wesley Stern / Lug Rust
Hour 1 pregame
Overnight Sensations
5/20/11Goldenseal -- Hour 1
Goldenseal -- Hour 2
www.goldensealtheband.comOvernight Sensations
5/13/11Mau-Mau Tsunami
Hour 1 pregame
www.cojackproductions.comOvernight Sensations
5/6/11The Twelve Thirty Thens
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Twelve-Thirty-Thens/105093142899782Overnight Sensations
Hour 1 pregame
117songs.wordpress.comOvernight Sensations
4/8/11B. Funk
Joseph Diaz / Secret Photos
WRSU presents Beatblast 2011 at Tumulty's in New Brunswick 4/16/11 9pm, benefit for GreenFaith
4/1/11Gerry Perlinski & Lisa Bianco -- Hour 1
Gerry Perlinski & Lisa Bianco -- Hour 2
Benefit for Dan Duggins, 4/22 at the Clash Bar in Clifton. The "new" Overnight Sensations only happened if you forgot to check your calendar.
3/25/11Elevator Art
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elevator-Art/356532391388Overnight Sensations
3/18/11Fritch Clark -- Hour 1
Fritch Clark -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/last.bastionsLast Bastions or Rock screening at the Court Tavern 4/22
3/11/11Accidental Seabirds
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Accidental-Seabirds/171111966240342Overnight Sensations
3/4/11Blithe (doll)
Prosolar Mechanics / The Neo Noir
http://www.facebook.com/cruelbutfairmovieThe final Cruel But Fair show -- Maxwells, Saturday 3/12
2/25/11Peal -- Hour 1
Peal -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/pealforrealOvernight Sensations
2/18/11Mirrors & Wires -- Hour 1
Mirrors & Wires -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mirrors-and-Wires/114659197742Overnight Sensations
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.riskrelay.comA Quiet Echo
2/4/11Rick Blount
Dan McKendrick
http://www.facebook.com/thestuntcocksLIVE from Tumulty's in New Brunswick
1/28/11Pete Jager (The Extras, Inc)http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Extras-Inc/301297386941Overnight Sensations
1/28/11Dinosaur Eyelidshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Dinosaur-Eyelids/38113448443Too many Pats!
1/21/11A Fucking Elephant -- Hour 1
A Fucking Elephant -- Hour 2
http://www.bluecrabfantastic.comSombrero Tour, Shrimp Tour
1/14/11Bodega Satellite
Hour 1 pregame
http://www.myspace.com/vulgarsundOvernight Sensations
1/7/11Warren Disbrow -- Hour 1
Warren Disbrow -- Hour 2
http://www.warrenfdisbrow.comHate's Haunted Slay Ride
12/24/10P.E.D./Blisters -- Hour 1
P.E.D./Blisters -- Hour 2
Overnight Sensations
12/17/10Intense Men -- Hour 1
Intense Men -- Hour 2
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Intense-Men/153473394688316Overnight Sensations
11/26/10Chaka's Sweetooth
Marvin Sunk
Paradox Redux
Weasels & Mumps
http://www.cojackproductions.comLIVE from the Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
11/19/10Earthworm Discipleshttp://www.myspace.com/earthwormdisciplesOvernight Sensations
11/19/10Jim Testahttp://www.jerseybeat.comOvernight Sensations
11/5/10Ben Franklin -- Hour 1
Ben Franklin -- Hour 2
http://www.wearebenfranklin.comOvernight Sensations
10/29/10Kate Sikora -- Hour 1
Kate Sikora -- Hour 2
http://www.katesikora.comOvernight Sensations
10/1/10Tommy Strazzahttp://www.tommystrazza.comTommy Strazza CD release show, 10/8 at Asbury Lanes
10/1/10Lazlohttp://www.blowupradio.comBanding Together - A Benefit Webathon for the Spondylitis Association of America, Oct 15-17 on Blowupradio.com
9/24/10The Lost Patrol -- Hour 1
The Lost Patrol -- Hour 2
http://www.thelostpatrol.comGummi sushi
9/17/10The Grip Weeds -- Hour 1
The Grip Weeds -- Hour 2
http://www.gripweeds.comI want an Overnight Sensations sign on TV at a Rutgers football game. Make it happen.
9/10/10Sudden Ensemble
Hour 1 - pregame
http://www.myspace.com/suddenensembleOvernight Sensations
9/3/10The Uglys
So Is The Tongue
El Drugstore
LIVE from the Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
8/27/10Murder League Allstars
Hour 1 - pregame
http://www.myspace.com/murderleagueallstarsOvernight Sensations
8/20/10Mad Lee's Union -- Hour 1
Mad Lee's Union -- Hour 2
http://www.madleesunion.comOvernight Sensations
8/13/10Meet Pause -- Hour 1
Meet Pause -- Hour 2
8/6/10Sex Zombieshttp://www.thesexzombies.comOvernight Sensations
8/6/10Alex Austinhttp://www.alexaustinnovels.comSelections from The Red Album of Asbury Park Remixed
Hrny Wrms
LIVE from the Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ
7/16/10Mr. Paranoid & the Voices -- Hour 1
Mr. Paranoid & the Voices -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/mrparanoidandthevoicesOvernight Sensations
6/4/10Invisible Lineshttp://www.myspace.com/invisiblelinesOvernight Sensations
5/28/10Paradox Redux / Mountain of Cards
Weasels & Mumps
http://www.cojackproductions.comOvernight Sensations
5/21/10Jana Peri -- Hour 1
Jana Peri -- Hour 2
http://www.janaperi.comOvernight Sensations
5/14/10Dinosuar Eyelidshttp://www.myspace.com/dinosaureyelidsOvernight Sensations
5/14/10Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sunhttp://www.myspace.com/strangethingsdoneinthemidnightsunOvernight Sensations
5/7/10The New Volume -- Hour 1
The New Volume -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/thenewvolumemusicOvernight Sensations
4/23/10Late Nighthttp://www.myspace.com/latenightbandOvernight Sensations
4/23/10Sunburst Carrierhttp://www.myspace.com/sunburstcarrierOvernight Sensations
4/16/10The Neutron Drivers -- Hour 1
The Neutron Drivers -- Hour 2
http://www.theneutrondrivers.comBeware of falling ceiling tiles!
4/9/10Brick Mower -- Hour 1
Brick Mower -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/brickmowerOvernight Sensations
4/2/10Cats Are Everywhere -- Hour 1
Cats Are Everywhere -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/catsareeverywhereOvernight Sensations
3/26/10Divers Lust -- Hour 1
Divers Lust -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/diverslustOvernight Sensations
3/12/10The Flare Ups -- Hour 1
The Flare Ups -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/allflaredupHot Dogs
3/5/10The Filthy 3 -- Hour 1
The Filthy 3 -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/thefilthy3Overnight Sensations
2/26/10Roadside Graveshttp://www.roadsidegraves.comOvernight Sensations with many reverb fails
2/19/10The Hipshots -- Hour 1
The Hipshots -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/hipshotsOvernight Sensations
2/12/10The Believers in Things -- Hour 1
The Believers in Things -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/thebelieversinthingsOvernight Sensations
2/5/10The Fletchershttp://www.myspace.com/thefletchersmusicThe Fletchers CD release show, 2/6 at the Court Tavern
2/5/10Dinosaur Eyelidshttp://www.myspace.com/dinosaureyelidsOvernight Sensations
1/29/10Goldensealhttp://www.goldensealtheband.comOvernight Sensations
1/29/10Haiti Relief Benefit All-Starshttp://www.alenwich.comHaiti Relief Benefit, 1/31 at the Ale 'N Wich Pub, New Brunswick
1/22/10The Delfieldshttp://www.myspace.com/thedelfieldsOvernight Sensations
1/22/10Rob Farrellhttp://www.theandersoncouncil.comOvernight Sensations
12/18/093 to 6 Inches
The Stuntcocks / Prosolar Mechanics
December 26, The Stuntcocks, Prosolar Mechanics, 3 to 6 Inches, Horsy, & Buzzkill at the Court Tavern
12/4/09Mike Kovacs & the Post-Modern Tribe -- Hour 1
Mike Kovacs & the Post-Modern Tribe -- Hour 2
http://www.brimstoneandblue.comOvernight Sensations
11/27/09Tris McCall -- Hour 1
Tris McCall -- Hour 2
http://www.trismccall.net"Let the Night Fall" CD release 12/18 at Pianos
11/20/09Jeff Scavone (Bionic Rhoda), Mark Segal & Austin Faxon (Boss Jim Gettys)
November 28, Bionic Rhoda, Boss Jim Gettys, Aviso'Hara, & BaldGuyBlackSuit at the Court Tavern
in support of the forthcoming Cruel But Fair movie
11/6/09Thomas Francis Takes His Chanceshttp://www.myspace.com/thomasfrancistakeshischancesOvernight Sensations
10/9/09Dan McKendrickhttp://www.myspace.com/sadpunkOvernight Sensations
10/2/09Walking With Cavemenhttp://www.myspace.com/walkingwithcavemenOvernight Sensations
10/2/09Megan Gale / Tony Tedescohttp://www.myspace.com/megangale
Art on thr Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 10/6 at the Court Tavern
9/25/09Birthwater -- Hour 1
Birthwater -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/birthwaterbluesbandOvernight Sensations
9/18/09So is the Tongue -- Hour 1
So is the Tongue -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/soisthetongueDouble Nickelback??
9/4/09Nymphomatics -- Hour 1
Nymphomatics -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/nymphomaticsmusicOvernight Sensations
8/21/09Bubblegum Octopushttp://www.myspace.com/bubblegumoctopusOvernight Sensations
8/7/09Overnight Beard Shaving Sensations -- Hour 1
Overnight Beard Shaving Sensations -- Hour 2
http://wrsu.rutgers.eduSeriously...and pics coming soon!
7/24/09Montagna & the Mouth-to-Mouth -- Hour 1
Montagna & the Mouth-to-Mouth -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/themouthtomouthOvernight Sensations
7/17/09Secret Photos -- Hour 1
Secret Photos -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/secretphotosOvernight Sensations
7/10/09River City Extension -- Hour 1
River City Extension -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/rivercityextensionOvernight Sensations...45 minutes late, sorry!!!
7/3/09Jon Andrew -- Hour 1
Jon Andrew -- Hour 2
http://www.purevolume.com/jonandrewOvernight Sensations live from the Goldhawk, Hoboken, NJ
6/26/09La Violencia -- Hour 1
La Violencia -- Hour 2
http://www.laviolencia.netOvernight Sensations
6/12/09Double Breasted -- Hour 1
Double Breasted -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/doublebreastedOvernight Sensations live from the Old Bay in New Brunswick
6/5/09Billy -- Hour 1
Billy -- Hour 2
http://www.billyband.comOvernight Sensations
5/29/09Rapid Cities -- Hour 1
Rapid Cities -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/rapidcitiesOvernight Sensations
5/22/09Sadpunk -- Hour 1
Sadpunk -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/sadpunkLive broadcast from Tumulty's in New Brunswick
5/15/09Demanderhttp://www.myspace.com/demanderOvernight Sensations
5/8/09Joanna Burns -- Hour 1
Joanna Burns -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/joannaburnsFeatures guest appearance by Amanda Duncan
5/1/09Rainbow Freshhttp://www.myspace.com/rainbowfreshOvernight Sensations
4/24/09The Amboyshttp://www.myspace.com/theamboyYes, 3 bands in one night
4/24/09Thomas Francis Takes His Chanceshttp://www.myspace.com/thomasfrancistakeshischancesOvernight Sensations
4/24/09The Stuntcockshttp://www.myspace.com/thestuntcocksOvernight Sensations
4/17/09The Baby and the Bathwaterhttp://www.myspace.com/bathwaterbabyOvernight Sensations
4/10/09Particle Zoo -- Hour 1
Particle Zoo -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/particlezooOvernight Sensations
4/3/09Nerve Tonic -- Hour 1
Nerve Tonic -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/nervetonicnjOvernight Sensations
3/20/09Gladhearts -- Hour 1
Gladhearts -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/gladheartsOvernight Sensations
3/13/09Trinitron -- Hour 1
Trinitron -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/riskrelayOvernight Sensations
3/6/09Amber Blues -- Hour 1
Amber Blues -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/amberbluesspaceOvernight Sensations
2/27/09The Invincible Gods -- Hour 1
The Invincible Gods -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/theinvinciblegodsOvernight Sensations
2/20/09The Doughboyshttp://www.myspace.com/thedoughboysnj2/20 Overnight Sensations Hour 2
2/20/09Meet Me in Montaukhttp://www.myspace.com/mmim2/20 Overnight Sensations Hour 1
2/13/09Rick Barry -- Hour 1
Rick Barry -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/rickbarrybandOvernight Sensations
1/30/09Like Trains and Taxishttp://www.myspace.com/liketrainsandtaxis1/30 Overnight Sensations Hour 2
1/30/09Goldensealhttp://www.myspace.com/goldensealtheband1/30 Overnight Sensations Hour 1
1/9/09The Apathy Codehttp://www.myspace.com/theapathycode1/9 Overnight Sensations hour 2
12/12/08The Lost Patrol -- Hour 1
The Lost Patrol -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/lostpatrolOvernight Sensations
12/5/08The Fave -- Hour 1
The Fave -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/thefavehobokenOvernight Sensations
11/14/08Mothguts -- Hour 1
Mothguts -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/mothgutsOvernight Sensations
11/7/08Chemtrailhttp://www.myspace.com/chemtrailmyspace11/7 Overnight Sensations hour 2
11/7/08Warren Disbrow & Steve Kreitzberg -- Haunted Hayride: The Moviehttp://www.warrenfdisbrow.com11/7 Overnight Sensations hour 1
10/24/08Horny Worms -- Hour 1
Horny Worms -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/hrnywrmsOvernight Sensations, hour 1 also features a phoner w/ Jason Montagna
10/10/08Miss TK & The Revenge -- Hour 1
Miss TK & The Revenge -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/misstkOvernight Sensations
8/29/08The Vanities -- Hour 1
The Vanities -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/vanitiesOvernight Sensations
8/22/08The F-Bombers -- Hour 1
The F-Bombers -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/thefbombersOvernight Sensations
8/1/08GladHearts -- Hour 1
GladHearts -- Hour 2
http://www.glad-hearts.comOvernight Sensations
7/25/08Magnificent Disaster -- Hour 1
Magnificent Disaster -- Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/themagnificentdisasterOvernight Sensations
7/18/08Stuntcocks and Felonhttp://www.myspace.com/thestuntcocks
Hour 2 of 7/18 Overnight Sensations
7/18/08Starfish HQhttp://www.myspace.com/starfishhqHour 1 of 7/18 Overnight Sensations
7/11/08Anthony Fiumano -- Part 1
Anthony Fiumano -- Part 2
http://www.myspace.com/anthonyfiumanoOvernight Sensations
7/4/08Glass Treeshttp://www.myspace.com/glasstreesRecorded at the Court Tavern on 6/30/08
6/27/08Like Trains and Taxis -- Hour 1
Hour 2
http://www.myspace.com/liketrainsandtaxisOvernight Sensations
5/30/08The Black Cloudshttp://www.myspace.com/theblackcloudsOvernight Sensations
5/09/08Beautiful Bear (Osa Bella)http://www.myspace.com/osabellaOvernight Sensations
4/25/08Sadpunkhttp://www.myspace.com/sadpunkHour #2 of 4/25 Overnight Sensations
4/11/08Fun Machine -- Part 1
Part 2
www.myspace.com/funmachineOvernight Sensations
3/14/08The Meltdownshttp://www.myspace.com/themeltdowns3/14 Overnight Sensations Hour 2
3/14/08Hub City Hellrazorshttp://www.njdirtydames.comHellrazors benefit 3/20 at the Court Tavern
3/7/08Meet Me in Montauk / Anthony Fiumano -- Part 1
Meet Me in Montauk / Anthony Fiumano -- Part 2
Hey Cole 2 Year Anniversary Show @ The Saint 3/29
2/29/08Particle Zoohttp://www.myspace.com/particlezoo2/29 Overnight Sensations - Hour 2 - featuring lots of screaming!
2/29/08The Drama Clubhttp://www.myspace.com/thedramaclub2/29 Overnight Sensations - Hour 1
2/22/08Vulgarsund --Part 1
Part 2
http://www.myspace.com/vulgarsundOvernight Sensations
2/15/08BaldGuyBlackSuit! --Part 1
Part 2
2/8/08The Problem --Part 1
Part 2
http://www.myspace.com/theproblemOvernight Sensations
2/1/08Alter Ego --Part 1
Part 2
http://www.myspace.com/alteregomusicnjOvernight Sensations
1/25/08Goldenseal --Part 1
Part 2
http://www.goldensealtheband.comOvernight Sensations
1/11/08The Obvious --Part 1
Part 2
http://myspace.com/theeobviousOvernight Sensations
12/14/07The Lost Patrolhttp://myspace.com/lostpatrolPlan 9 From Syracuse
11/23/07Terminal Reynaldohttp://myspace.com/terminalreynaldoOvernight Sensations
11/9/07Chemtrailhttp://myspace.com/chemtrailmyspaceOvernight Sensations
10/19/07Montagna and the Mouth-to-Mouthhttp://myspace.com/themouthtomouthOvernight Sensations
10/12/07Risk Relayhttp://myspace.com/riskrelayOvernight Sensations
10/12/07MC Steinberghttp://myspace.com/mcsteinbergOvernight Sensations
10/5/07NewBruhttp://myspace.com/newbruOvernight Sensations
8/31/07The Milwaukeeshttp://myspace.com/themilwaukeesCD release show 9/8/07 at Maxwells
8/3/07Meet Me in Montaukhttp://myspace.com/mmimOvernight Sensations
7/6/07Tommy Strazza & the Model Citizenshttp://myspace.com/tommystrazzaCD release show 7/13/07 at Maxwells
6/29/07Chemtrailwww.myspace.com/chemtrailmyspaceOvernight Sensations
3/23/07Anthony Fiumano -- Part 1
Part 2
www.anthonyfiumano.comCourt Tavern, March 31 (take a drink!)
3/11/07The Misery Loveswww.myspace.com/themiserylovesOvernight Sensations
3/4/07Joanna Burnswww.myspace.com/joannaburnsOvernight Sensations
2/11/07Double Breastedwww.myspace.com/doublebreastedOvernight Sensations...Fri. 2/16--Double Breasted returns to the Court Tavern
1/28/07Don Juan Destroyerwww.myspace.com/1212fuOvernight Sensations...Fri. 2/2--Last DJD show ever at the Court Tavern
1/7/07April Smithwww.myspace.com/aprilsmithmusicOvernight Sensations (stronger than power outages!)
12/17/06Greg DiGesuwww.gregsounds.comOvernight Sensations
12/8/06Souls' Release--Part 1
Souls' Release--Part 2
www.soulsrelease.comRecorded 12/4/06 in N. Arlington, NJ
11/26/06Hub City Hellrazors, The Stuntcocks, and Felon -- Part 1
Hub City Hellrazors, The Stuntcocks, and Felon -- Part 2
Attack of the Nearly Naked Women! 12/2/08 at the Court Tavern
11/19/06No Pasaran!www.myspace.com/pasarannoOvernight Sensations
11/12/06American Landscapeswww.myspace.com/americanlandscapesOvernight Sensations
11/5/06Boy/Girlhttp://www.myspace.com/pleasehateusOvernight Sensations
10/22/06The Stuntcockswww.myspace.com/thestuntcocksOvernight Sensations
10/18/06Smash Palacewww.smashpalacemusic.comPhone interview with Steven Butler
10/17/06The Milwaukeeswww.myspace.com/themilwaukeesPhone interview with Jeff van Nordstedt
10/15/06Sadpunkwww.myspace.com/sadpunkOvernight Sensations
10/13/06Love Trilogywww.myspace.com/thelovetrilogyRecorded at the Ale 'n Wich, New Brunswick on 10/11/06
10/8/06Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Startwww.upupdowndown.orgOvernight Sensations
9/24/06Rightfoot Runningwww.rightfootrunning.comOvernight Sensations
9/15/06The Ropeswww.myspace.com/theropesPhone interview with lead singer Sharon Shy
9/15/06Motel Creepswww.myspace.com/motelcreepsPhone interview with singer Greg Welch
9/10/06The Bad Scenewww.myspace.com/thebadsceneOvernight Sensations
8/25/06Aikostarwww.aikostarmusic.comRecorded at Duff's in Williamsburg Brooklyn
8/20/06Humawww.myspace.com/humaOvernight Sensations
8/13/06Anthony Fiumanowww.anthonyfiumano.comOvernight Sensations
8/6/06Kate Sikorawww.myspace.com/katesikoraOvernight Sensations
7/9/06April Smith & the Great Picture Showwww.aprilsmithmusic.comOvernight Sensations
7/2/06The Meltdownswww.themeltdowns.comOvernight Sensations
6/25/06Bastards of Melodywww.bastardsofmelody.comOvernight Sensations
6/11/06SixToEightMathematicSwww.sixtoeightmathematics.comOvernight Sensations
5/14/06The Chilling Detailswww.myspace.com/thechillingdetailsOvernight Sensations
4/30/06Meets Westwww.myspace.com/meetswestOvernight Sensations
4/2/06The Sunshine Willwww.myspace.com/thesunshinewillOvernight Sensations
3/13/06Ill Easewww.illease.comRecorded in Williamsburg Brooklyn on 3/6/06
3/12/06Trinitronwww.riskrelay.comSolo project by Mark from Risk Relay (get it now?)
3/5/06No Pasaran!www.myspace.com/pasaranno Overnight Sensations
3/1/06Jonny Lives!www.myspace.com/jonnylivesRecorded at the 11-7 Records office in NYC on 2/27/06
2/27/06Benji Rogerswww.marwoodmusic.comJared + hangover = not pretty radio
1/29/06Nell Brydenwww.nellbryden.comOvernight Sensations
1/9/06Echofissionwww.echofission.comRecorded in Saddle River, NJ
1/8/06Roadside Graveswww.myspace.com/theroadsidegravesOvernight Sensations
11/29/05Drew Isleibwww.drewisleib.comAired during a fill-in
9/25/05April Smithwww.aprilsmithmusic.comfrom Overnight Sensations, cohosted with Bryan Bruden
9/19/05Mad Happywww.madhappy.comRecorded in Hoboken, NJ